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Bernard Abtey | Heike Rudloff

Bernard Abtey

In the art world, Bernard Abtey is known for his aesthetic sculptures, especially for his female figures, for which collectors pay high prices. The French artist creates statues and sculptures from marble, iron and granite. Figures with soft, flowing lines, sometimes delicate, often long limbed – of the most rugged of materials, firmly grounded. His graceful lines elicit a delicate beauty from these rough materials – giving shape to even our most troubling feelings: his pieces have titles such as “Loneliness”, “Vulnerability”, “Bewilderment”; but also “A Look of Dignity” and “Shy”.

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Künstler Bernard Abtey – French sculptor, sculptures and drawings. Trained as a sculptor (master craftsman) and artist at the stonemason’s workshop of the Strasbourg Cathedral; numerous awards and exhibitions since the early 1990s; has worked and exhibited in France, USA, Brazil, Italy and many other countries, most recently in Paris. Abtey has been officially recognized for his humanitarian work; he lives and works on the Atlantic coast in the south west of France.

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> Exhibition in Dax/Aquitanien: “Exposion Odyssées”,
7 November 2019 – 24 January 2020

Galerie Dom-Art

Dom-Art Galerie
44, rue Neuve – 40100 DAX

+33(0)5 58 58 17 64 – galerie@dom-art.fr

> Galerie Dom-Art-Galerie, Dax, France

> Text by Heike Rudloff on the exhibition at the Orenda Gallery in Paris, written early 2016